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Ultrasonic Meter Calibration Services

Ultrasonic meters are quickly becoming some of the most widely used meters in flow measurement. Currently ultrasonic meters are being utilized to measure natural gas, steam, air, water, liquid hydrocarbons, and various other fluids. Some of the major benefits of ultrasonic meters include the diagnostic capabilities, the fact that there is no obstruction to the flow stream, and the wide turndown capabilities of the meters.

The CEESI Iowa Natural Gas flow facility has been testing ultrasonic meters since 1998. This facility mainly provides calibrations that are in compliance with AGA Report Number 9 (full list of industry standards), although other calibration services are available upon request. CEESI also offers calibration services at the Colorado Air flow facility. This facility generally services smaller meters and meters that are not meant for high pressure applications. CEESI ultrasonic meter calibrations are ISO/IEC 17025 accredited.

Ultrasonic Flow Meter Ultrasonic Flow Meter


  • Calibrations for line sizes from 2” to 48” (full list of capabilities)
  • Capable of reaching flowrates over 1 billion cubic feet per day (BCFD) in natural gas
  • Calibration of clamp-on style ultrasonic meters
  • Typical uncertainties for ultrasonic meter calibration are 0.23% (at the Iowa facility) and less than 0.5% (at the Colorado facility)
  • Installation effects testing
  • Flow conditioner testing
  • Consulting on ultrasonic meter station design
  • Consulting for ultrasonic flow measurement discrepancies
  • On-site auditing of ultrasonic metering setups
  • On-site ultrasonic meter calibrations
  • Training on fundamentals of ultrasonic meters
  • Training on advanced ultrasonic metering topics

Meters from the following manufacturer’s have been calibrated and/or tested by CEESI:
  • Daniel
  • Sick Maihak
  • General Electric (GE)
  • Siemens
  • Krohne
  • Elster Instromet
  • ABB
  • Flexim
  • Sierra Instruments
  • Fuji
Request a quote or contact us if you have questions about ultrasonic meter calibrations.


We have invested considerable resources into creating the Flow Measurement Technical Library so that could be a useful resource to the flow measurement community. There are free downloadable papers and abstracts from a variety of organizations relating to ultrasonic meters. This library contains over 71,000 documents from organizations including NIST, ISHM, AGA, ISFFM, ASGMT, FLOMEKO, MSC, AGMSC, WGMSC, ASME, NEL, and others.

Search the Measurement Library for papers on ultrasonic meters.

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