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James Beeson

Manager, Business Intelligence & Information Technology

James Beeson
James joined CEESI in 2003 as a Software Engineer and was responsible for building CEESI's intranet and maintaining the corporate website. His current roles include: software project management, software development, website development, database administration, cloud (Azure) server management, etc. He works with managers and executives to identify and implement business intelligence reporting tools. James works with employees and managers to identify opportunities to streamline and automate business processes, then implements system changes as needed. He determines corporate cybersecurity policies, performs security-related user trainings, and works with vendors to implement cybersecurity changes. He plans and helps maintain connectivity between CEESIā€™s systems including: the corporate intranet, accounting software, CEESI website, shipping software, meter data acquisition systems, barcode systems, etc. He maintains the CEESI website, and has worked on websites for numerous other subsidiary companies. He has worked with vendors to: coordinate server upgrades, manage network infrastructure, plan facility bandwidth upgrades, manage server backup systems, and implement network security protocols.

Starting in 2022, he began also performing many of these roles for subsidiary companies as well.

He developed and maintains the Measurement Library, including making agreements with PRCI, ISHM, AGMSC, AGSMT, AGA, WGMSC, CSHM, and others so that documents and bibliographic information could be added to the library and shared with the public.

Before joining CEESI, James worked in software development and database administration for Harte Hanks, the Texas Animal Health Commission, and FT Energy. He has also taught college courses on software development.



B.A. Centenary College

Additional training in: database administration, cybersecurity, website development, Azure system management, and marketing

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