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Flow Algorithm Verification

The flow meter and related calculations are the cash register of the industry. If the cash register is not computing correctly, one can experience significant loss of revenue. Flow measurement calculations can quickly become complicated. Standards such as AGA Report Number 8, the GERG, AGA Report Number 3, API MPMS Chapter 12, and many others require specific experience to properly program flow computers. CMS personnel have been involved in the development of many of these standards, and therefore have an in-depth knowledge of the correct way to perform the calculations. We have developed significant tools for analyzing flow computers, SCADA software, and Excel spreadsheet calculations for both oil & gas applications.

Let us custom design a testing protocol for verifying your flow algorithms:

Analyze Historical Flow Information

By analyzing “snapshot” or historical flow data we can calculate uncertainties for flow algorithms.

“Bench/Static Testing” Flow Computers

We can “bench test” your flow algorithms if you give us access to your flow computer. By applying static, controlled inputs to the flow calculations, we can precisely determine the accuracy of your flow algorithms. Our team can perform this testing at your location or at our lab facilities, whichever you prefer.

“Flow Testing” Flow Computers

Many customers are not satisfied with static testing. By utilizing our flow calibration facilities, we can test your flow computer and EFM system under flowing, dynamic conditions using liquid, air, or natural gas testing conditions.

Measurement System Testing

Measurement Systems play a critical role in calculating the final booked volume. We can provide a complete assessment of the various calculations and methodologies employed by your measurement system.


Manufacturer Validation

A manufacturer had developed a new flow computer and wanted to take the computer to market. They needed independent third party validation of some of their calculations. CMS was able to input the same values into the flow computer and to CMS generated software to perform the checks. The manufacturer was given a report outlining the testing and verifying their calculations.

User testing of existing setup and software

A producer was doubting some of the numbers that were coming through their system. They could not find any problems, and turned to CMS for help. CMS was able to evaluate the processes and the calculations. The personnel setting up the flow calculation had an incorrect interpretation of what was actually occurring in the field. In this case, the CMS experience was extremely valuable as without that experience, the problem may have taken much longer to locate.

System Balance Analysis

System Balance Analysis (LAUF)

Whether producing, transporting, selling, buying, or using oil and gas products, what goes into the system equals what leaves the system. In short, what comes in must equal what goes out.

Field Audits/Assessments

Field Audits/Assessments

Whether assessing one station, a group of stations, or an entire pipeline system, we can design testing plans, protocols, and provide the project management to help you assess your measurement risk.

System Balance Analysis

Allocation Measurement

Allocation - the act of distributing by allotting or apportioning; distribution according to a plan.

Field Audits/Assessments

Measurement Engineering Services

Measurement performance is a compilation of many factors, beginning with station design, equipment selection, calibration, installation, start up & commissioning.


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