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Jerry Caldwell

Jerry Caldwell
Jerry resigned his position as President of Corporate Operations in November 2017. He started at CEESI in 1983. He worked in the lab for over twenty years; he ran most of the test areas at the Colorado facility including the: high flow pad, M&E, and missile bay. He also worked in the shop and welding area. Jerry worked with NASA subcontractors to test parts for the space shuttle program. He also worked with military subcontractors in the aerospace industry to develop components for the Patriot missile system. He also worked on a project to collect natural gas sampling data for the API 14.1 Sampling standard. Jerry trained several technicians and has conducted company-wide safety trainings. More recently, he helped design the water in oil test area in 2013.

Professional Societies

International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement (ISHM)
American Petroleum Institute (API)

Jerry Caldwell
Jerry working on a test setup 1990's (read more about our history)

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