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Engineering Resumes

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Below are a list of resumes for our engineers. In addition, CEESI has worked with several principal advisors on special projects.

Thomas M. Kegel

Tom has over twenty years of experience in flow measurement research, product development, calibration, testing, training and consulting. His current responsibilities at CEESI include new facility development, special test programs and engineering support of measurement processes. Tom has developed a broad understanding of measurement uncertainty that is valuable to CEESI clients as well as forming a solid foundation for the traceability of calibration services. He continues to contribute to expanding CEESI business opportunities in technical training and consulting.


     B.S. Mechanical Engineering, 1980, University of New Hampshire
     M.S. Mechanical Engineering, 1982, University of New Hampshire


     The Foxboro Company, 1982 - 1987
          Research Engineer

     Engineering Measurements Company (EMCO), 1987 - 1990
          Principal Engineer

     Colorado Engineering Experiment Station, Inc., 1990 - present
          Senior Staff Engineer

Professional Societies

     American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
     ASME Standards Committee on Flow Measurement Uncertainty
     American Gas Association Transmission Measurement Committee
     American Petroleum Institute
     National Conference of Standards Laboratories
     Measurement Science Conference
     Instrument Society of America

Technical Accomplishments

• Began to establish a program at Foxboro to develop multiphase flow products. Designed and developed a wet steam measurement test capability and obtained considerable test data on several flowmeter products. The effort included research of existing state-of-the-art to identify potential future products and market needs.

• Design, commissioning, and operation of the newest CEESI Primary Flow Facility ("Primary C"). This facility can be operated with a combustible gas which added a unique capability to CEESI calibration and test services.

• Prepared the calibration process uncertainty analyses required to achieve Federal Government accreditation of the CEESI calibration facilities. These analysis included instrument performance, process stability, calibration histories and inter-laboratory comparison programs.

• Responsible for the development and maintenance of a multiple agenda technical training program. Course agendas are designed to cover the wide range of CEESI client industries as well as student experience. Training has been delivered to clients worldwide as well as within the CEESI Colorado facility.

• Provided an uncertainty analysis of a wet gas production allocation process. Orifice meters provided allocation of gas and condensate volumes based on custody transfer measurements at a separator. The analysis scope included daily flow computer data representing seven years of production from nearly 100 wells.

• Completed an engineering analysis of an oil production allocation process. Turbine meters provided allocation of production volume measured by a LACT unit and barge sales. The analysis resulted comparing several allocation algorithms.

• Provided testing and consulting services to characterize the behavior of a rich gas offshore production system. The potential for retrograde condensation raised concerns regarding the measurements and calculation of gas density. The CEESI solution included wet gas testing and an uncertainty analysis.

• Developed a statistical calibration process control algorithm for laboratory and field applications. The results of the algorithm allows an operator to easily monitor measurement system performance.

• Prepared an uncertainty analysis of the mass balance in a gas processing plant based on combining individual component uncertainties. The plant measured unprocessed gas using an ultrasonic meter; liquid products and intermediate measurements were made with turbine and orifice meters.

• Providing contributions to flow measurement standards (AGA, API, ASME) describing uncertainty analysis. Currently leading effort to develop an API MPMS Chapter devoted exclusively to measurement uncertainty.

William R. Johansen

Bill has ten years of experience as a flow measurement engineer. He oversees daily laboratory operations at the Colorado and Iowa calibration facilities to ensure that all calibrations are performed in a manner appropriate for the intended end use. In addition, Bill supervises and participates in the development of algorithms and software for data acquisition, fluid property calculation, and statistical process control. He has been active in teaching and course material preparation for fluid flow measurement courses for ten years. Bill possesses a wide range of applicable equipment knowledge from previous experiences as a draftsman, mechanic, and operator at a nuclear powered propulsion plant (USS Nimitz), a coal fired electric generation facility, a cryogenics plant, and an oil refinery. Bill is available to provide appropriate testing and technical consulting services to CEESI clients.


     B.S. Mechanical Engineering, 1993, University of Wyoming
     M.S. Mechanical Engineering, 1995, University of Wyoming


     United States Navy, 1977 - 1983
          Nuclear Propulsion Mechanic

     Pacific Power & Light, Wyodak Power Plant, 1983 - 1989
          Power Plant Operator

     Colorado Engineering Experiment Station, Inc., 1996 - present
          Director of Engineering

Professional Societies

     Registered professional engineer in Wyoming
     American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Technical Accomplishments

• Responsible for calibration process engineering required to achieve Federal Government accreditation of the CEESI calibration facilities.

• Design and implementation of specialty testing to determine installation effects associated with different flowmeter designs. Contributor to API MPMS Chapter 22.2 describing standard method for installation effect testing.

• Development and support of a standard test method applied to electronic measurement equipment used for custody transfer. The testing confirms that hardware meets API performance standards.

• Provided consulting services to US Bureau of Land Management in the development of a computer based uncertainty calculator for use in custody transfer measurement.

• Provided test and consulting services to evaluate and characterize the performance of eductors used to enhance oil production based on a high pressure gas energy source.

• Proposed a solution based on testing to allow custody transfer measurement of coal bed methane using orifice meters operating outside of the range specified in API standards. The solution was acceptable to both contracting parties and allowed a reduction in the cost of production.

• Responsible for testing to determine the effect of small amounts of liquid on the accuracy of orifice flow measurement.

• Support of several CEESI clients requiring production calibration services. In such cases the client is seeking reduced cost and faster turnaround while maintaining high quality.

Dr. Richard Steven

Richard’s primary responsibility at CEESI is to provide technical direction to the Wet Gas Test Facility. He seeks to identify and capitalize on opportunities to establish joint industry projects that bring together clients with common research and testing needs. He is also responsible for defining appropriate expansions of the facility capability. Richard is available to provide appropriate technical consulting services to CEESI clients.


     B.E. Aerospace Engineering, 1991, Glasgow University, UK
     M.S. Mechanical Engineering, 1993, Strathclyde University, UK
     Ph.D. Experimental Fluid Mechanics, 2001, Strathclyde University, UK


     GEC - Alsthom, 1994 - 1996
          Large Steam Turbines Graduate Training Program

     National Engineering Laboratory, 1997 - 2001
          Post Graduate Associate

     McCrometer, 2001 - 2005
          Manager, Multiphase Meter Development

     Colorado Engineering Experiment Station, 2005 - present
          Director, Wet Gas Test Facility

Professional Societies

     ASME Standards Committee on Flow Measurement
     American Petroleum Institute

Technical Accomplishments

• Work at the UK National Engineering Laboratory included supporting the design, commissioning, and operation of a wet gas test facility.

• Provided support of industry and government sponsored research into two-phase flow metering at NEL. Considerable research effort was directed towards the response of venturi meters to two-phase flow.

• Work for McCrometer involved research the subject of wet gas metering with differential pressure meters. Also responsible to develop and deliver training in single and two phase flow metering technologies.

• Provided consulting services on wet gas and multiphase metering. Projects typically involved natural gas production with meters operating under single phase and multi phase conditions for topside installation.

• Managed a variety of wet gas flow metering tests at facilities operated by NEL, CEESI and K-Lab.

• Currently serving as chairman and main author of ASME MFC Standards Subcommittee 19 technical report on Wet Gas Flow Metering to be published in 2006. Involved in API activities on Multiphase Metering.

Charles L. Britton

Charlie has over 40 years of experience in the design, operation, and construction of flow measurement, calibration an test systems. As an student, Charlie worked at the Gas Flow Research Laboratory at the University of Colorado. After graduation, he worked as a research engineer for the university and became the first lab manager of the Experiment Station when it moved from the university to its present location at Nunn, Colorado. In that role Charlie was instrumental in the establishment of CEESI as a world class calibration and testing organization. During his career at CEESI, Charlie participated in the design, fabrication, and operation of many of the unique test facilities that are employed by CEESI to conduct experimental research in all aspects of flow measurement. These include a broad range various high pressure gas, liquid, and multiphase facilities.


     B.S. Mechanical Engineering, 1965, University of Colorado


     University of Colorado, 1965 - 1966
          Research Engineer, Gas Flow Calibration Facility

     Colorado Engineering Experiment Station (CEESI), 1966 - 1976
          Laboratory Manager

     Dieterich Standard Corporation, 1976 - 1986
          Engineering Vice President

     Flow Systems, Inc., 1986 - 1999
          Owner and Founder

     Colorado Engineering Experiment Station, Inc., 1999 - present
          Senior Staff Engineer
          Director, Wet Gas Test Facility (until 2004)

• Key engineer in the group that designed, constructed, commissioned, and began operation of the first CEESI Primary Flow Facilities ("Primary A" and "Primary B"). These facilities continue to offer among the broadest flow range and the lowest uncertainty of flow calibration facilities worldwide. They establish CEESI traceability to US national standards of mass, length and time. These high accuracy flow calibration facilities have been used for comparison between international and national flow calibration facilities.

• Instrumental in establishing the design and operational requirements for the Critical Flow Venturi (CFV) or sonic nozzle. The CFV is accepted as the best possible standard to provide traceable field or laboratory flowmeter calibrations. It remains as the CEESI transfer standard to support the daily calibration work load.

• Provided calibration and consulting services towards the development of the newest API orifice meter flow equation. Data were obtained in a CEESI facility using oil as the calibration fluid.

• Aided in the design and construction of the high pressure natural gas flow test facility located in Joliet, Illinois and operated by the Natural Gas Pipeline Company of America.

• Provided considerable engineering support in the design, operation and continuing expansion of the CEESI Wet Gas and Hydrate Test Facilities. These facilities provide test capabilities that are unique worldwide.

• Responsible for engineering support of testing in both Wet Gas (WGTF) and Hydrate Test Facilities. Test articles include single phase and mutiphase meters, process equipment and new products under development. Support responsibilities include test design, system control, data processing and the reporting of results. The engineering support included interacting with the companies in the JIP that were allocated much of the test time for several years.

• Lead engineer supporting an API funded program to evaluate gas sampling processes under controlled conditions in the WGTF. The objectives were to evaluate the effects of sampling method, location and gas composition. The results are intended to support a future revision of API MPMS Chapter 14.1.

• Provided testing and consulting services regarding the speed of sound of natural gas at pressures approaching 10,000 psi. This research verified that the transducers associated with ultrasonic meters could withstand and provide usable information at these high pressures.

Casey Hodges

Mr. Hodges joined CEESI as an intern while in college at Colorado State University. After graduation in 2002, and a brief stint in the Naval Nuclear Propulsion program, he returned to assume duties as a staff engineer. His current responsibilities at CEESI include data analysis, quality assurance, special test development, classroom instructing, and representing the company at professional meetings. Casey serves on several national standards committee, and has performed research to aide the committees in developing new standards or revising existing standards. Casey is also active in consulting clients on practices to improve flow measurement.


     B.S. Mechanical Engineering, 2002, Colorado State University


     Bechtel Bettis Inc. 2002 - 2003
          Shift Refueling Engineer

     Colorado Engineering Experiment Station (CEESI), 2003 - Present
          Staff Engineer

Professional Societies

     Engineer in Training
     International Standards Organization - Colorado, 2002 - Present
     American Gas Association (AGA)
     American Petroleum Institute (API)
     American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

Technical Accomplishments

• Responsible for assuring the quality of calibration data produced at the Colorado facility.

• Oversees test planning, process, and data analysis for testing that is outside the bounds of normal calibration practices and procedures.

• Administers and instructs training courses; both at CEESI and at customers facilities.

• Developed and performed testing on several new innovations designed to reduce costs in the natural gas industry.

• Assisted the Bureau of Land Management with the development of an uncertainty calculator for natural gas measurement.

• Developed and performed testing on differential meters in accordance with API 22.2 testing protocol in order to evaluate new technologies in a fair manner.

• Standards committee work:
    º Chairman of API 22.4 "Testing Protocol for Pressure, Differential Pressure and Temperature Measurement Devices"
    º Performed research to analyze existing orifice plate expansion factor equation, developed new equation, and assisted in harmonizing international standards to one equation.
    º Other active committees:
        • API 5.9 "Vortex Shedding Flowmeters for Custody Transfer"
        • API 14.3.1 - AGA 3 Part 1 "Natural Gas Fluids Measurement, Concentric Square-Edged Orifice Meters, General Equations and Uncertainty Guidelines"
        • API 21.1 "Electronic Gas Measurement"
        • API 22.1 "Testing Protocols - General"
        • API 22.2 "Testing Protocol for Differential Pressure Flow Measuring Devices"
        • API 22.4 "Testing Protocol for Pressure, Differential Pressure and Temperature Measurement Devices"

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