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Comprehensive Natural Gas Measurement Training Course

CEESI offers the Fundamentals of Natural Gas Measurement Training Course and the Comprehensive Natural Gas Measurement Training Course, which have similar agendas but are taught at different technical levels. This comprehensive course builds on the material presented in the fundamentals class by providing much more detail. Some of the material is presented simultaneously in two parallel "tracks", the student selects the track that best fits their needs. The first track is organized around the use of orifice meters and other differential producing flow elements (cone type, wedge type, venturi etc.). The second track focuses on the linear meters, ultrasonic and turbine. The two tracks allows for a greater level of detail while providing flexibility to the students. The remainder of the course materials, identified as "common topics", are presented to the entire group. All courses are taught by qualified professionals from the CEESI staff and special guest lecturers from the various flow measurement industries.

This course is designed for:
  • Senior Technicians
  • Engineers
  • Research Staff
  • Flow Meter Manufacturers
  • Auditors
  • Government Regulators

Topics covered include:

Common Topics
  • Meter station design
  • Gas properties
  • Installation effects
  • Calibration and traceability
  • Temperature measurement
  • Coriolis meter
  • Electronic flow measurement
  • Flare measurement
Linear Meter Topics
  • AGA 7, AGA 9 updates
  • Installation effects
  • USM diagnostics
  • Turbine meter Reynolds number effects
  • USM interface demonstration
Differential Meter Topics
  • Equation development
  • AGA 3 update
  • Low pressure applications (coalbed methane)
  • Other primary elements (cone type, venturi, averaging pitot)
  • Installation effects (API MPMS 22.1)

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