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Flow Meter Calibrations
Flow Meter Calibrations

CEESI provides NVLAP accredited calibrations focused on air, water, and natural gas calibrations from small pitot tube to massive ultrasonic meters.

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Flow measurement training courses for managers, technicians, researchers, and engineers are available at a variety of conference locations and on-site.

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Wet Gas/Multiphase Services
Wet Gas/Multiphase Services

CEESI's wet gas/multiphase facility is available for highly customizable product development support, research, and meter evaluations.

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Technical Library

A collection of event proceedings, articles, and research papers relating to flow measurement from a wide variety of sources for engineers, technicians and researchers.

Flow Measurement Technical Library

Calibration Data & Shipping Details

Download calibration data, get tracking numbers, view saved quotes, review basic meter information, and view other job-related information securely.

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Specialty Testing

CEESI started as a specialty testing facility and is continuing to meet the highly diverse needs for heavily customized testing scenarios, both on and off site.

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